Who’s Praying For Me?

Posted: June 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

I’ve had a few emails from people praying for my salvation. Because I’ve seen prayer work, and not work–at about the same ratio as not praying, it has not been something that makes an impression on me.

However, for many non-religious, there are things that do impress–action and civil responsiveness.

The god Christians pray to is omniscient; he knows the intent of your prayers. So, instead of praying for me, please, please give money to Haiti. Please mobilize your churches with all their money and labor potential and get down to the Gulf of Mexico, Louisiana, and Florida.

The non-Christians have trumped you, posting on fb and writing article about the spill. If you are doing something, it is not getting press.

Show us that you care about others, the land and animals given to you in the book of Genesis.

I really need to see it. I really need to hear about it. I’m losing faith at the same rate we’re losing oil.

  1. LANE says:

    Brava, Karen! I totally agree.

  2. Tonya says:

    Many things churches do don’t get any press. I saw many stories about the Red Cross and social action groups in Haiti, but not one about the work that several different church groups were doing, even though I was receiving daily email updates from those churches. My own church was among the hundreds that mobilized after Katrina to provide food, care, and counseling – again, no press.
    Many of the more “unskilled” paid volunteers helping in the clean up are folks who have been put out of work due to the disaster. Generally organizations are discouraging people from traveling in order to volunteer. Most need people who are trained in this, though of course there are hundreds of more behind the scenes things requiring attention.
    There is excellent information at thedailygreen.com, which even lists efforts and opportunities by state.
    Here are some articles I found about churches working on the spill and helping those affected by it:



  3. don murphy says:

    If the hundreds of thousands of Christians ministering across the world were to spend time writing about it, a lot less good would be done. We don’t look for man’s approval so we don’t need to write about it. This week the Wenatchee Washington Free Methodist Church is sending 35 high school students two minister to Nicaraguan refuges, 10 or 12 adults to minister to Muslims in Nigeria, and to people to minister in Bolivia. This will be the 5th or 6th trip to Nigeria in the last 2 or 3 yrs. Our church supports a couple (and their 2 young boys) who left our church to spend 2 yrs with the Muslims in Nigeria. We have provided 200-300 wheelchairs for these Muslims who were crawling on the ground before the chairs arrived. The Wenatchee church has provided several hundred lifetime Sawyer water filters to Haiti and the US Free Methodist Church has a permanent hospital in Dessalines, Haiti which has served the poor for more than 20 years. Our church is sending thousands of $ to pay local people in Burundi to build houses with supplies we but ($6000 each) for widows who are ostracized by their own people. My oldest daughter helped clean out houses in New Orleans with her college Bible Study group after Katrina and the next yr my middle daughter helped build houses in Mississippi with our church. Our church members work with 20 other churches in our valley to meet the needs of the poor around us, providing housing, food, dental care, and medical care with no requirement to go near a church. So this info is from one person, multiple that by hundreds of thousands and you will get a small idea of what Christ is doing through His church (even as imperfect as we humans make it!) with out wasting other’s valuable time writing about it. We are chided as Christians for not writing about the Gulf oil spill. It will do no good to waste time writing about it. Everyone knows it is the worst ecological disaster in our country’s history. There are plenty of people in the Gulf area, now out of work, to do the recovery work, but the government stands in the way with numerous types of red tape. We could all do some good by writing President Obama and telling him to stop allowing the delays. So I urge us all not to complain about each other and stop worrying about who does the most. Instead love each other and do everything to help your fellow man as Christ taught. Why spend time praying? God wants us to participate in His work and show we care by praying for the needs of the world while we work to meet those needs relying on His power to sustain us. We pray while we work. I understand your desire to see the work that is being done. I’m sure you can Google “mission trips” and came up with many reports.

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