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If there is any way to measure equality in this land it should be by seeing who is now at the top of the Anti-Christ list.

For those not familiar with the term, it is the worldly counter to the Messiah. someone who works for the devil, is pleasant to look at, popular and charismatic. It is someone who will steer people away from God in the last days. As a child, even the word “anti-Christ” conjured up pictures from horror movies–Jason, Swamp Thing, Dracula.

The people who were up for the role as anti-Christ have all been white up until the last few years. Martin Luther said the AC was the Vatican, others thought it was Peter the Great. Many priests and world leaders have won the top spot in past centuries.

Then we move to recent times and Prince Charles. How he passes the “attractive” requisite, not quite sure. Then there was Henry Kissinger whose name somehow adds up to 666. There was Clinton and Putin and even the dudes who go around proclaiming themselves to be the Anti-Christ.

A few years ago the big news was that it was Oprah. A woman! A black woman. Her new age ideas, and perhaps that she tried to get people to read books, got her scooted up on the anti-ladder. This theory came to me in a forwarded email. The message was earnest and cautionary. Just type in “Oprah Anti-Christ” in youtube and you will find many, delightful videos to prove it is true.

Or peruse some websites:

Of course, new polls have revealed that 14% of republicans think President Obama is the Anti-Christ. He does sort-of fit the bill. I can’t see him walk onto a stage without hearing “Sharp Dressed Man” playing in my head.

And what does it say that the two most powerful people in America these days are black? And one, a woman? Does it say that they are so hated that they top the anti-Christ list? Does it mean we are reaching equality? Or are people so angry that blacks are successful that their success qualifies them for the most repugnant, religious character of all time?

Barack Obama
world savior and current U.S. President

Vladimar Putin is the current leader of Russia.

Bill Gates is more of a pop culture addition to the list than a realistic candidate for Antichrist.

Muammar Gaddafi has been very quiet since the west bombed his headquarters in the mid 80’s.

Mikhail Gorbachev was initially added to the list by people’s suspicion over his reforms.

King Jaun Carlos wins the most votes in the bloodline category.Some folks say he’s related to early Roman Emperors.

Ban Ki-moon is the head of the United Nations.

Prince Charles and His Son William are two of Europe’s most
well-known royal figures.

Tony Blair
is the former Prime Minster of England, and he has now taken on a special role as Middle East peacemaker.