Sacred and Worldly Thoughts

Since beginning this project, I have become hypersensitive to events and issues around me. Everything is about religion to me now. Not fun for my “spiritual head of the household” or my “following generation”s.

It is NOT a good time to be reading the Bible as Tea Parties are being held in Washington and Health Care reform is being debated. The right and left wing seem to be very divided on religious lines. No, not all, but mostly.

Some readers think that I have been hurt in the past by someone or some event during my time as a Christian. Not the case. In fact, I have great memories of growing up in church, going to a Baptist college and being a missionary. It is reading that changed it all: science, history, literature.

However, it is people and their actions that make me resolved to keep away from the church. But keeping away is not enough. It is encroaching on my life at every turn. This is where I’ll write about it.

  1. Hello Karen, I have been on a similar search coming from a Pentecostal background, which seems to have at its core a sort of pyramid selling of the gospel. I am calling it my unsearch, and am at present looking for a Bible that is printed on only one side of the page so I can cut out all the bits that I don’t want. Big step from thinking every word was the Word of God. Now I’m not so sure. I have been reading about the mythology of other countries, and the historicity of Jesus, and find there is a big hole for me in the time between the death of Jesus and the writings of the early church, with the well developed theology of Paul.
    Some of the bits I want to keep are those which God has used to speak to me over the years – or was that the desires of my heart? I can’t throw out Job, and there is so much wisdom in the OT, but most of Revelation will be the first to go. I really don’t want to throw out the baby with the bathwater, which prompted me to ask of the god of the shower head this morning, ‘What exactly is the Baby?’ Because I am so steeped in scripture I decided that the baby is the fruit of the Spirit: love, joy, peace, etc. Probably by tomorrow I will have moved on from there.
    A big problem with unsearch is that its not fair to tell other people of what is going on: its not my job to upset the faith of others. I tried to give Christianity the flick but some of it has stuck very firmly, so has to be a basis on which I build.
    There are some very important doctrines I never really acceded to, such as some of the mythic/heroic things about Jesus cf Greek heroes, and Pentecostal ecstacy cf Dionysian delights. Life after death also bothers me as having not been properly though out. I don’t know whether I want to spend eternity with people who are missing all their naughty bits.
    There has to be more to it than that (or less.)

  2. Tom Clinkscale says:

    Where is your most recent writing on your reading through the New Testament? Haven’t seen anything since August and still waiting

  3. Kathy Charlton says:

    Hmm. Feeling connected to you this past year has been rather fascinating. I was reading your blog about the death of the student at your school and tried to leave a comment and ended up here…upon reading this I again felt connected to you. I feel connected as a Mom; a woman; a teacher and now a human being…odd the order I put those. We are similar in some ways regarding religion. My journey has been based solely on my gut instinct of faith; a bit naive I daresay, but its my gut so I am not gonna argue with it.

    I tell people, I tell my children, my life is not based on a religion, or a church membership but on a faith…ah, many call it many things–I have always called it faith. My son died-I quit many things…my faith remained.

    When I was a kid growing up in Miami amidst the riots and Muriel boat lifts and the hiding in bushes from the cars of men that followed me home many times I was asked where did I go to church–as if it mattered; what religion was I? Usually it was a stand-off between the American kids and the Cubans-like a Protestant versus Catholic thing…I used to simply reply, I believe in God-I don’t go to church, I would say I am a Christian.

    At college, I stood by as someone asked another person: “Are you saved? Are you a Christian?” The reply was: “No, I’m a Catholic.” I laughed and said, “Really, well, don’t tell the Pope.” I doubt any of them got my humor and I didn’t care…

    Keep challenging and evolving Karen. We redheaded independent thinkers are what the young people and insensitive humans of this world need today…


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